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                                           Grooming Services


The bath includes special fur shampoo that is specially formulated to give a gentle yet deep clean. Conditioner is also applied that leaves a soft to the touch coat on your pooch. We use a special blueberry facial shampoo that is sensitive to the eyes and leaves a delightful scent. The anal glands are extracted and the inner ears are cleaned. Residue coming from the tear glands are also removed. A warm soothing rinse and a towel dry session ends the bath. 



         Blow Dry and Brush Out

After being towel dryed, the pooch's fur is sprayed with a special coat shine that will leave your a pet with a luscious naturally glowing fur. During this process the pooch is blow dried and brushed, to remove knotts and shedding hair. The coat is left fresh and light. The nails are then trimmed and can be filed. Then scented cologne with enhanced vitamins is applied. 



                    Cut and Style

For poochs getting haircuts, the groomer's cut and style the fur to your liking. Maybe a short coat for the summer heat or a unique style that will make your pooch stand out. Either way, your pooch will walk out rejuvenated and happy on its way home.




Bath & Brush 

Mini: $25

Small: $30

Medium: $30-40

Large: $40-55

X-Large: $55-70

Full Service

Mini: $35

Small: $40-45

Medium: $45-55

Large: $55-70

X-Large: $75-90

*Full Service includes a hair cut

*Price varies with length and condition of fur


(We no longer groom cats. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

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